Books by Penny Liu

Penny Liu has written 2 real estate books to help assist her clients in their real estate needs. If you want a copy of the book for FREE, please email .

Are you ready to tap into the exact secret that wealthy home sellers use? It is possible to sell any home in any market when you know these secrets? This book reveals very specific details that will enable you to make the most money out of your home in the quickest time possible. These strategies have helped sell thousands of homes and now you can implement them to sell yours as well.

Are you in the midst of a divorce or have questions about the future of your home? Are you deciding what is the best option for you? This book specifically details the ins and outs of selling your home in a divorce. What are you options, valuing your home properly, what if court is in play, dealing with uncooperative spouses and emotional factors.                             (626) 890-9218